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About me

Srinidhi is a children’s book illustrator based in South India. Though she graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science engineering, she realized that drawing and creating magical, enchanting stories was what tickled her heart. She loves telling diverse stories of curious kids on their silly adventures. She enjoys creating fun and vibrant characters who have their own say in the world.

Srinidhi calls herself a ‘maker of many things, since she chooses to spend most of her time drawing, stitching, crocheting, sculpting, and crafting. She craves travel and has an adventurous spirit.

When she is not sketching in her sketchbooks, she can be found impulsively buying more art materials.

She is always looking for new projects and creative opportunities and open to picture books, b/w interiors and covers 

Represented by Miranda Paul at Erin Murphy Literary 

so feel free to contact my agent Miranda Paul at

or me at 


Upcoming books 

When Science Stood Still (2025) - McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster 

Why You Never Splash Grandpa (2026) - Sourcebooks

Why You Never Scare Grandma (2027) - Sourcebooks


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